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PADI Distinctive Invasive Lionfish Tracker specialty rating

What are the benefits of the PADI NEW PAGE specialty course?


The Lionfish invasion in the Northwestern Atlantic and the Caribbean has been stated in the proceedings of the 61st Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute as representing one of the most rapid finfish invasions in history. With this course you will develop and increase your knowledge of invasive Lionfish facts and useful information. You will be able you to organize and safely conduct no-decompression dives to locate and humanely capture invasive Lionfish in depths up to 30 metres/100 feet. You will also improve your diving skills and will have additional supervised experience.

COST: $ contact Instructor for price

PREREQUISITES:  Open Water, Minimum age 15

MATERIALS: Are provided for this course, click Course Download to begin

COURSE DURATION:  1 day, 2 dives, This is a Self Study course

CUSTOM SCHEDULES: We reserve this course with a customizable schedule.

WE PROVIDE: Instruction with a PADI Professional.

STUDENTS PROVIDE: All basic scuba equipment

Release Forms required: Liability Release and Assumption of Risk, Medical Statement, Standard Safe Diving Practices. (please see our "Links" page to download these and have them completed before training begins) Note: If you have a YES to one of the medical questions, you will need to get a doctor’s approval before participating in this program. Please call the Instructor if you have any questions on these forms.

REGISTRATION: Call 1(405) 831-9688 to make a reservation. 24 hour cancellation policy.

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