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Discover Local Diving

What are the benefits of the PADI Discover Local Diving?


With the many places the Instructor and Divemaster's have dove there's a pretty good chance we have been there! You will be given a guided tour of the local dive site and provided with dive related information to orient you to the dive site. You’ll be given a detailed briefing of the dive site and a single dive touring you to the points of interest particular to the chosen dive site. Equipment is not included. The PADI Discover Local Diving session is for qualified divers who wish to be escorted around an unfamiliar site. It is designed for either newly qualified divers who would like to dive a new site with a more experienced buddy who is more familiar with the site. We provide a single, supervised open water experience to a dive site that you may be unfamiliar with or want a guide to show you around. We can provide this for a number of dive sites, whether shore or boat based.


COST: $50, Full equipment can be provided with the normal rental session cost.

PREREQUISITES:  Open Water Certification. Minimum age – 12 yrs old.

DURATION: 1 day, 1 dive.

CUSTOM SCHEDULES: We reserve this course with a customizable schedule, please let us know your availability.

WE PROVIDE: Instruction with a PADI Professional and a complete dive site briefing with key points of interest.

RELEASE FORM REQUIRED: Liability Release and Assumption of Risk, Medical Statement, Standard Safe Diving Practices. (please see our "Links" page to download these and have them completed before training begins) Note: If you have a YES to one of the medical questions, you will need to get a doctor’s approval before participating in this program. Please call the Instructor if you have any questions on these forms.

REGISTRATION: Call 1(405) 831-9688 to make a reservation. 24 hour cancellation policy.

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