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PADI Eagle Wreck Diver Distinctive Specialty

This course was created by Master Instructor Joe Nunnally, It is only available with this instructor making it a very special elective specialty only found here in the upper Florida Keys. 


This course introduces you to one of the very first self funded artificial reefs! She was sunk in 1985 and is now through the courses of nature and diver interactions she is a premiere dive attraction in the Florida Keys! In this course you will learn historical information and environmental information about this 287 foot freighter and her history since she was built in 1962!

​PREREQUISITES:  Advanced Open Water, or qualifying prerequisite Open Water with Deep Diver training.  Minimum age – 15 yrs old.

​COURSE DURATION:  2 dives in 1 day.

CUSTOM SCHEDULES: We reserve this course with a customizable schedule, please let us know your availability.

​STUDENTS PROVIDE: Proof of scuba certification, Logbook, RDP (table or electronic) OR dive computer, BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit, Mask/Snorkel/Fins and dive slate.

Release Forms required: Continuing Education Release, use the link on this page and have them completed before training begins. Note: If you have a YES to one of the medical questions, you will need to get a doctor’s approval before participating in this program. Please call the Instructor if you have any questions on these forms.

REGISTRATION: Contact the Instructor for reservation. 24 hour cancellation policy is required.

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