Helpful Links

Here are some helpful links to Scuba-related web sites that you just might find click on the logo and you can hyperlink to their site and see what they have to offer! Enjoy!

Under H2O Dive and Travel

Contact: Mike Hunter

1449 Williams Dr.

Oklahoma City, OK 73119

Phone: (405) 245-4706

Fax: (405) 685-2558

The Way the World Learns to Dive!  Here you will find out about everything PADI.

Join today and start logging you dives and so much more! The best part...It's FREE!

The guys at this website are what I would call Scuba Nerds, but there is some pretty cool info on their site. (use at your own risk)

Do you have an uncontrollable need to be around fish? Lake Diver is here to help. Those of you that don't have the time or money to run down to the Caribbean to get wet, we compile freshwater dive sites from all over America just for you.

This is one of my favorite dive companies. Tell them I sent you. You'll save some $$$

Never dive without a Buddy or without DAN. It could save your life. Referral No. 2077283

For AWESOME aerial photography needs check Bob's website out! To see some of his work click here to see the  Lake Murray Aerial video he shot during one of our Open Water check out dive weekends!

TDI, SDI and ERDI is one of the largest SCUBA diving certification and training agencies in the world, training divers in Technical Diving, Recreational Diving.